Lysandrian Empire

Lysandria or the Lysandrian Empire is a country in the Southernhart region of Veldona, between the Spine of the Dragon and the Marble Hills. Its capitol is Lysandria.


Lysandria is the largest country in the Southernhart region. It has extensive coastline along the Bay of Hammers and has direct access to the Trade Sea and the Sea of Souls.

The terrain of the country is varied between high mountains, low plains, and coastlines. On the whole, it is a fertile region with a great deal of sunshine throughout the year.

Historically, the Good River has been a major waterway through the region, however so much water has been diverted from the river for irrigation in the Barley Sea region that the river can be easily crossed by foot after climbing down into the bank. Now the country no longer has a major river.


Before 524ae, the power of Lysandria extended no farther than its walls. Under the rule of King Ulmen the Reckless, and in response to the power of certain slaveholding families growing to the point of worrying him, he issued a royal decree that all slaves who would join Lysandria’s army would be given a plot of the land that they conquered. He intentionally had it worded so that it also applied to the slaves of any nation with which Lysandria found itself at war. With every city-state Lysandria conquered, the ranks of its army swelled and it eventually grew to its current borders.

Between 700 and 780ae, it has fought three wars with the Twin Kingdoms of Orle and Lonne, the last of which ended in a stalemate in which the critical city of Pazmone revolted against both sides and declared its independence from both kingdoms.


The head of state is the Emperor, currently Roland the Young. Heir to the throne is his half-brother, Duke Damen Skyval through absolute primogeniture. The Emperor has broad powers, while the Lysandrian Assembly, composed of nobles, also has the ability to pass laws. Laws passed by the Assembly can be annulled by the Emperor, but in doing so, he risks alienating and offending the nobles.


Lysandria is often considered to be the breadbasket of the Southernhart region. Its ideal grain-growing conditions have enabled it to export flour, crackers, and alcohol to the region and beyond. It is also an exporter of beryls, aquamarines, and emeralds due to the mining in the Moonmouth Caverns.


Lysandria is a predominantly human nation, the most common human ethnicity being the Barleyers from the plainslands, who are often now simply referred to as Lysandrians. Along Naro’s Coast and the Spine of the Dragon regions it is home to many Orlans and Lonnites as well. A substantial minority of the population are Halflings.

Though the country is fairly welcoming of peoples of almost any race, religion, or ethnicity, it is far more so to the wealthy, who are often able to bypass bureaucratic processes others must go through, but who have no de jure legal protections than the poor. Bribery of a non-law enforcement official is not illegal, however bribery of a guard or judge is. Demons, Devils, and Drow, however, are banned within its borders, up to and including those of one-quarter blood.


In addition to common-sense laws, the following should be noted within the borders of Lysandria:

Arcane magic is permitted only by individuals who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Is a member in good standing with the Lysandrian Mage’s Guild,
  • Is an attaché to a foreign dignitary or has some other special permission,
  • Or can prove via legitimate documentation that their business in Lysandria is of a temporary nature, and that their entry into the country was no more than two months ago.

Necromancy, defined in Lysandrian law as the raising and animation of corpses through the bound soul of the original inhabitant is permitted, as long as it honors a contract signed by the deceased in question to the letter, or is performed on the corpse of an animal.

Lysandrian Empire

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