The gods and goddesses of Atmosel are myriad and various, however there are some worshiped more commonly than others. The most commonly worshiped are as follow:

Veldonic Pantheon:

  • Aldonar the Divine Protector, Lawful Good god of righteousness and valor
  • Barnaltre the Walker on Worlds’ Edge, Neutral god of travel without involvement
  • Crull the Cruel, Lawful Evil god of conquest and slavery
  • Heina the Scarred, Chaotic Evil god of panic and pain
  • Ironel the Smiling Vagabond, Chaotic Neutral god of gambling and theft
  • Kertonar the Helmed Judiciar, Lawful Neutral god of order and justice
  • Lioran the Shining Lion, Neutral Good god of the sun and chief among the pantheon of Good
  • Nalla Terane the Dancing Lady, Chaotic Good goddess of charity and travel
  • Naro the Indominable, Chaotic Good god of strength and freedom
  • Osh the Great, Neutral god of the sea and storms
  • Teliyna the Poison Queen, Neutral Evil goddess of intrigue and deceit

Racial Patrons:

  • Alavas Lothal the Woodland Aesthete, Chaotic Good goddess of elves and art
  • Anyalan the Mother, Lawful Good goddess of traditional halfling life and of provision and protection
  • Ferinfar the Golden Wit, Chaotic Good god of gnomes and pranks
  • Gholmash the Brute, Chaotic Evil god of orcs and brutality
  • Khalhos the Earth-Father, Lawful Good god of dwarves and family
  • Yeshana The Daughter, Chaotic Neutral goddess of contemporary halfling life and of adventure and excitement, frequently worshipped by children of all races.

Aspects of Nature:

  • Prossus the Formless Whim, Chaotic Neutral god of Atmosel, change, winds, twilight, and lycanthropes.
  • Sevaron the Wild, Neutral god of the wild beasts and the savage aspect of nature
  • Syvanthea the Sunlit Maiden, Neutral Good goddess of good health and the pure aspect of nature
  • Terolthen the Shepherd of the Forest, Neutral god of plants and the enduring aspect of nature

Lords of Death:

  • Doustre the Warden of the Lost, Neutral Good god who comforts mourners and guides souls to their determined afterlife
  • NazantÅ«l the Plague and Famine, Neutral Evil god of death and undeath
  • Tembru the Circle’s End, Neutral god of dead things returning to the ecosystem
  • Urdor the Judge of the Soul, Lawful Neutral god who judges the souls of those whose souls are unclaimed by another god

Court of Draco:

  • Lotvahmoro the Serpent, Neutral Evil dragon god of pride and spite, and firstborn of Draco
  • Vozehrane Shimmer-Wings, Lawful Good dragon goddess of glory and second-born of Draco
  • Zarin Who Sees All Ends, Neutral god of arcane magic and universal balance


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