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Hello, welcome to the wiki for the Worlds of Atmosel D&D3.5 setting. This is very much a work in progress, as is the setting itself, but feel free to look around.

The Worlds of Atmosel’s claim to fame is its scope. It is not a single world, it is a number of moons orbiting the gas giant Atmosel, hence the name of the setting. Each moon is connected to the others via ancient portals that now form the centers of the most powerful trade empires— or barren wastelands.

The known moons of Atmosel are: Veldona, Teldona, Sylvialis, Serenada, Lauren, Tarenis, Marwraithe, Gorn.

You might also be interested in Atmosel’s cosmology or pantheon. You might also be interested in the Southernhart region.

Main Page

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