Lysandrian Mage's Guild

The Lysandrian Mage’s Guild is an organization in the Lysandrian Empire with the legal authority to act on the behalf of the throne of Lysandria when magic is involved. It is headed by the Archmage Council in the University Tower in Lysandria.

It is a structured in a hierarchical fashion, with the Grand Wizard at the highest level, with Archmagi beneath them, Magi beneath them, Scholars beneath them, Associates beneath them, with Initiates being the lowest rank.

The Grand Wizard operates at the highest levels overseeing Guild operations on a whole and responds to magical events that threaten the whole of the realm. The Grand Wizard may be polled to cast a tiebreaker vote in the event one is needed in the Archmage Council.

Archmagi run the Guild as a whole and collectively plan for its future, each one overseeing a number of Magi. Traditionally Archmagi live in Lysandria in the University Tower, remaining in constant magical communication with the individual Magi they oversee, and travelling in person only as necessary.

Magi run the individual Towers and respond to local threats, while also scouting for young talents to be recruited into the Guild and watching for unauthorized use of magic. Magi are also responsible for teaching Initiates, and are served by Associates.

Lysandrian Mage's Guild

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