Kingdom of Orlonne

The Kingdom of Orlonne, more formally referred to as the Twin Kingdoms of Orle and Lonne is a union of the kingdoms of Orle and Lonne that emerged in the year 761av when Prince Peire of Orle was married to Princess Serenna of Lonne and Princess Anais of Orle was betrothed to Duke Then of the Isle. This was done to counter the growing military power of the Lysandrian Empire.

Orle is a geographically small region that is nonetheless economically very strong with a central location and abundant natural resources. The people consider themselves to have a refined culture with houses cut out of fine stonework and decorated with fine ironwork. The population is mostly composed of ethnic Orlan, though Feyhollow Elves and Half-Elves exist in larger numbers than in most other human lands.

Lonne possesses a long strip of coastline along the inside of the Bay of Ghosts and the entirety of Sentinel Isle barring the island’s center, which is generally considered barren and too dangerous to be worth the trouble of full exploration. Lonnites are considered to be expert sailors.

Prior to the union, the possession of Sabre Rock, a unique geological formation, had been a point of contention between the two kingdoms, with Lonne claiming it as going over their coastline, and Orle claiming said ‘coastline’ as being a cavern going under their land. Several wars had been fought over the possession of the area with Orle eventually winning the right to allow or deny traffic under the rock.

More recently, there is friction regarding the movement of the capitol from Lonne to Noveu Orle in light of the birth of Princess Ameline in 780av.

Kingdom of Orlonne

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