Feline Natureborn

Feline natureborn, and indeed all natureborn, are distant offshoots from the elven race. Feline natureborn don’t particularly enjoy fighting, though they do enjoy hunting. Feline natureborn average barely shy of five feet tall and tend to weigh just less than 100 pounds. They hunt for food if they can, but if they need to they can live off fruits, grains, and vegetables. They prefer thin clothes which compliment the color of their fur. Unlike elves, feline natureborn have neither skill nor interest in crafting beyond those learned from their elven brethren. They do however share the elven appreciation for beauty, especially jewelry and other shiny things.
Feline natureborn speak either Elven or Sylvan, depending on tribe, and most know the other language and Common.
Most feline natureborn encountered outside their homes are hunters in the wild or rogues living among human society.


Feline natureborn are not the strongest or toughest opponents, but are cunning, clever, and agile. They make the best use of cover and terrain advantage as they can, and prefer to fight with bows, using their hunting experience to their advantage, though they will also fight with shortswords or rapiers, or in desperation their claws. They make heavy use of the Hide skill before, after, and during combat to sneak around and surround a foe, then bombard them with arrows from all directions. Feline natureborn are among the best archers of the common races. The most powerful feline natureborn in a company or clan is usually a druid.


Feline natureborn share the elven beliefs in independence and freedom for individuals. On their home moon of Sylvialis and in the forested regions of the others their ways tend to the rustic side, and they try to live not just in tune with nature, but as a part of it. They tend to live in small clans while in the woods. The leader of a clan is almost invariably a druid or cleric of Sevaron.
Feline natureborn clans tend to be mobile camps that wander around in the forest in search of animals to hunt for food. They usually have archers climb trees surrounding the camp and set up guard posts in this manner. Each tree used as a guard post will have two archers so as to not leave blind areas from which enemies could attack. A settlement of feline natureborn contains noncombatants (mostly children) equal to 20% of the fighting population. Feline natureborn society is neither matriarchal nor patriarchal; males or females can be found in almost any role.
The feline natureborn have neither the long lifespan nor the patient outlook of the elven race. They love beauty (especially shiny things like gems and metallic objects) but seldom have the time or the patience to learn to craft such things for themselves. They are ever-curious, but their frequently shifting focuses and easily distracted nature often hamper them in their search for knowledge. They will pick a short-term gain over a long-term given the choice, a stark contrast to the elves. They age at approximately the same rate as humans.
Feline natureborn are omnivorous, but most of them strongly prefer to eat meat when they get the chance. This is partly due to the tastes of their mostly carnivorous animal totem.
The chief natureborn deity is Sevaron.

Feline Natureborn

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