The Worlds of Atmosel

The Adventures of Gideon Vandrickson

Part Three: Misdirection

Thursday, Teldon 1, 781 After the Empire.

Gideon Vandrickson, after a short scolding by Sir Exley, was sent out. On his way to Trouting, he encountered a signpost, which had been painted to give the wrong directions. Unknowing, he traveled in the wrong direction, thinking his destination was near.

Several miles down the old road, he met up with a ranger who guided him back to the signpost, revealed the deception, and then told him that someone doesn’t want him in Trouting, and was willing to pay handily to ensure it. After weathering the initial sneak attack, Gideon lethally overpowered his assailant.

After burying the man, he made camp nearby, as he’d been walking most of the day.



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