The Worlds of Atmosel

The Adventures of Gideon Vandrickson

Part Two: A Ceremonial Sendoff

Thursday, Teldon 1, 781 After the Empire.

Gideon Vandrickson awoke late, victim of a terrible prank. Someone had painted his bedroom’s window black, for reasons unknown. Vince the stableboy came to wake him to help him get to the ceremony.

He made his way to the Sending ceremony, late, in the middle of a speech by Baron Silverdrake and was given his Quest by Sir Exley. He is to proceed to the village of Trouting to help with a goblin problem.

Also sent out were Cidney Illini, Eran Illini, Georgia Goldleaf, Jaspar Wellwine, Kaiser Kandenelle, and Rozana Rubyheart for their various missions.



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