The Worlds of Atmosel

Prevailing Winds

Part One: Up in Smoke

Monseren 40, 782av.

Seeking to renew his standing with the Lysandrian Mage’s Guild, Luft Windrunner has travelled to Luxia to report with his dues and duties. He met with Magus Orwelyn, a female pseudodragon, in the middle of an experiment involving volatile ingredients. He greeted her with a riddle, and asked for one in return. In doing so, he distracted her just long enough for the experiment to fail, producing caustic purple smoke that required them both to quaff a special anti-toxin to neutralize the effects.

Although irritated, Magus Orwelyn was willing to assist in the renewal of Luft’s guild membership. Her instructions for him are to gather tripwort spores, slime moss, and an ounce of meteor dust. He learned that the first can be found growing in swampy conditions, the second could only be found in wet, pitch dark areas where other mosses could not crowd it out, and the third was a rare ingredient he might be able to acquire in a museum in Moonmouth.

Remembering the conditions tripwort mushrooms enjoy, Luft decided to search for the tripwort mushrooms first, wading into the thick muck and thicker grass in the oxbow swamp that served Luxia Castle as a moat. He managed to startle and provoke a rooster, which attacked him until he killed it. He left its carcass in the swamp, before finding and collecting the mushrooms.

Deciding to track down the swamp moss next, he asked the local guard captain for permission to search Luxia Dungeon for slime moss, but was assured the dungeon conditions were unsuitable for it to grow, and was instead informed of the fact that Luxia once had a working sewer system before the river changed course and flooded it, and the conditions may be perfect for slime moss to grow.

Luft’s Journal

Mauhal did not sleep well, probably had his hands full all night. Paid him for his services before preparing for the day.

Upon arrival in Luxia, he and I parted ways, and I made my way to the Mage’s Guild. I spoke with the receptionist and received directions to speak with Magus Orwelyn. I was surprised to learn that the Magus is a pseudodragon and unfortunately ruined her alchemical experiment. She has given me my duties: I’m to collect tripwort spores, slime moss, and an ounce of iridium. It would also be a good idea to gather up the necessary gold to repay her for the cost of two antitoxins. Perhaps I could do that with the findings of my next project.


Monseren 19, 789ae: Luft is a sylph mage in good standing with the Mage’s guild in Lysandria, an antiquarian with an interest in the study of ancient societies, cultures, and such.
To protect him in his travels, Luft hired the warrior Mauhul, and the two of them set off.
On this day, Luft saught to renew his license, and to that end went to the trading hub Luxia.
Once there, Luft received his assignment from the guildmaster; retrieve tripwort spores, slime moss, and iridium.
With some difficulty, Luft obtained the first two components. He found tripwort underneath a stone bridge. The most trouble came in the form of a halfling he found in a old cave. The crazed halfling attacked him, until Luft managed to calm him down with a charm and some well chosen words. He suspects that the halfling is in trouble, but is unsure of how to help.

Luft tried to have his license renewed early, but again ran into trouble. He must find the necessary ingredient for the ink of his license, which turns out to be on other side of the continent.
He now worries that time will run out before he can get his ink.

Prevailing Winds

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