The Worlds of Atmosel

A Bard's Tale

Part Two: A Walk in the Park

Sylviali 23, 781 After the Empire.

Brange Arroway leaves the foreign quarter and makes his way to the concert area of the park district. There were a pair of elves playing a harp and violin duet to the northwest, a human woman giving an energetic flute performance to the south, and a half-orc drummer who, instead of playing, was arguing with Baron Ranne Barimore about the volume and nature of his music. Brange tried to intervene, but the argument became heated and the baron ordered the half-orc dragged away in chains.

With nothing more to do in the park district, Brange headed to the Lucky Lute as per his gnome friend’s request. They sit and talk for a while, and Brange discovers that like many who are proud of their former cultures, the gnome believed that Lysandia is too quick to force their own culture on people that have recently become part of its empire. When asked about his profession, the gnome replied that he is a cobbler, and when asked if he ever made shoes for someone particularly interesting, mentioned a woman from the University named Janna Stanwick who “studies old artifacts and history stuff” and has elven and dwarven blood “or something like that”.

It was revealed over a few further mugs of mushroom brandy that the gnome’s name is Jamril Twogoggle, and that the Gnomish holiday in question was the six-day-long Innovator’s Festival, during which gnomes presumably showed off their inventions to other inventors, and tried to out-do one another for usefulness and impressiveness, in celebration of legendary inventor Davice Clampandhammer, who once created an explosive powder before blowing up himself and a good chunk of the city he lived in.

The two parted ways, and poor Brange is unable to find a room at any of the inns. As he wandered the darkening streets, he encountered the half-orc drummer again, who was in the stocks for the night. Brange apologized for being unable to do anything.

Finally as night fell in earnest, Brange found a nook to sleep in for the night. Fortunately, when he awoke, nothing seemed to be stolen.



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