The Worlds of Atmosel

A Bard's Tale

Part One: A Holiday for Gnomes

Sylviali 23, 781 After the Empire.

Brange Arroway stopped by The Smiling Bottle tavern in the Foreign Quarter of Lysandia to ask about goings on. After several drinks with a half-orc, a human, and an elf, he was told the city guards have been all but withdrawn from the shantytowns and slums outside the walls in response to a Gnomish holiday.

Intrigued, Brange looked for a guard or gnome. He found a guard, but that proved to be unhelpful. He then found a gnome standing in the entry to Halfling Lane, a subdistrict of the Foreign Quarter whose entrances are too small for anyone but halflings and gnomes to enter comfortably.

After being treated with initial suspicion, Brange played his bardic music to the gnome, who asked him to meet at the Lucky Lute tavern near the end of Halfling Lane to talk. Meanwhile, the guard suggested he take his music to the park district.



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